It was wow gold only a matter of time before "The Big Bang Theory" decided to full episode to the great massively multiplayer online RPG that is "World of Warcraft," but they did just that on Thursday night. Sheldon had to deal with the terribly tragedy that was his character being backed and all of his gear stolen, and he wanted to wreck complete havoc as a result.

Don mess with Sheldor!

Of course, Sheldon is largely talk when it comes to matters like this, and when he found the guy's address he really didn't do anything about the fact that his account had been pillages. It took some impromptu support from Penny (who helped out the gang when they ran out of gas) to actually have some progress made. "WoW" fans probably enjoyed some of the references that were thrown in there throughout the episode, and they at least got most of the facts of the game right. Was it as brilliant as the "South Park" spoof from a few years ago? No, but they also didn't go all out like Trey Parker and Matt Stone did.

When it comes to character development, this episode managed to also show us just how much better Penny is for Leonard, even if she is being kept at arm's length right now due to Priya. (As a character, Priya may be getting a bad deal she doesn't seem like a terrible person, but she's clearly not right for someone like Leonard.)

Overall, the show came back fairly strong after a two week absence due to basketball and they also gave us the opportunity to see just how great Howard's mom is at "Wheel of Fortune."

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