plastic plate due to uneven amount floor

such as the gap to be welded, should be 48h after welding, and welding with hot air, the air pressure should be controlled at 0.08 ~ 0.1MPa, the temperature control at 180 to 250 DEG C. 7, after the grass-roots treatment, brushing a thin and uniform base rubber, in order to improve the bond strength of the base and the surface, but also make up for the plastic plate due to uneven amount of coating,

may produce bulging, edge and other quality defects. 8, in the plastic plate material, should consider the room Founder deviation, should adopt the combination of prefabrication and production method, the preparation of each plate should be numbered in place, so as not to paste when using wrong,

and in the shop before paving a trial. 9, bottom glue after drying, according to elastic line, lattice, casting center line, the positioning line in surface and edges from the wall surface and the design requirements, set aside 200 ~ 300mm as the edge, to ensure uniform plate, horizontal straight joint.
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