EA CEO Wilson says his company and the NFL are putting their partners to an unprecedented level. Chris Halpin, chief executive of the NFL and senior vice president of consumer goods, says rivals are generally hard to reach through traditional media. They have an affinity for football, but we have to make sure that we draw them to a new platform. The Madden NFL Club tournament is open to any player with an online account, and in Tuesday the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 released the game.

China's NFL fan group has grown 1087% over the past five years. GSMA, comprised of 800 mobile operators worldwide, is expected to reach 1 billion of China's 4G smartphone connections by 2020, up from 100 million at the end of last year. Tencent is also planning to invest about $15 billion in electricity over the next five years. Last April, eight NFL teams LOLGA.Inc, including the bill, took part in the first Madden Club Championship, each in the final round of california-based in California. After a successful and attractive tournament, the series is back!