And most shockingly, on July 16, Atlanta TV station WSB runescape 3 gold TV uncovered an indictment that linked Williams and rapper Jeffrey "Young Thug" Williams to an April 26 shooting attack on Lil Wayne's tour bus. Young Thug had appeared to taunt Wayne by naming a recent mixtape "Tha Barter 6" (Lil Wayne had claimed that Cash Money was deliberately refusing to release his album "Tha Carter V") and saying he planned to shoot a video in Wayne's old Hollygrove neighborhood in New Orleans, after Wayne's initial break with Cash Money. Bryan "Baby" Williams and Young Thug had conspired with suspected gunman Jimmy Winfrey, the subject of the indictment, it alleged..

The elective class was offered during the University of Houston at Sugar Land mini semester.UH Digital Media Students Finish with HonorsNearly half of the students who graduated from the University of Houston Digital Media program did so with honors at the College of Technology spring convocation ceremonies. Of the 46 graduates, two earned the distinction of summa cum laude, ten received magna cum laude distinctions, and eight graduated cum laud. Students deserve it.

AP: The QM2 has a lighter, airier feel than some ocean liners. Our principle was to have a holistic approach. Quite often on cruise ships, when they go through a refurbishment, they might change one thing but not adjacent spaces. Given Trump's support of the First Amendment Defense Act,it's likely that the DOJ will retreat to its discriminatory past. The bill, which is extremely similar to a law passed by Vice President Mike Pence in 2015 when he was the governor of Indiana, would allow businessowners to deny services to LGBT customers based on their belief that marriage is solely between one man and one woman. Trump tapped Sessions as his pick for attorney general, although he has yet to be confirmed..

Tommy Doyle in Hyannis has some certified Irish credentials beyond its history, having been founded by an emigrating Irishman whose pride and joy has also expanded to include two other locations in Cambridge. This Cape Cod branch is one of the largest bars in the area and serves as a high energy hotspot with a comparatively youthful clientele. On any given night, plenty of college kids both local and Bostonian, particularly during the busy summer months can be seen cavorting and canoodling on Doyle spacious floor, while hungry couples can indulge on the pub specialty bangers and mash.

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