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New Year gift for getting gold for wow with 3x reward points

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  • New Year gift for getting gold for wow with 3x reward points

    If you buy wow gold cheap don't like spending too much time at the Auction House, of course, gold farming in Cataclysm can be done via professions. Although as a gatherer or a farmer, you won't be as profitable as an experienced AH trader, here are a few ideas for gold farming in Cataclysm with professions.

    1. Skinning. Not many players choose this profession because it requires you to kill mobs, loads of mobs, to make money with it. However, if you know exactly what beasts to grind on and skin for their hides, your earnings will be substantial.

    Example: Nyxondra's Broodlings which can be found at the ruins of Old Kargath in Badlands drop plenty of Rugged and Thick Leather, and not only that, they also drop the Dark Whelpling companion, a pet wanted by many players.

    2. Enchanting. You can make gold with this profession in 2 ways. Offering your services in the trade chat and asking other players for fees to enchant their weapons, using their materials, or, buying materials and making scrolls of enchantments and selling them at the Auction House. However, not every enchantment sells for a lot of profit. As a matter of fact, to do some decent gold farming in Cataclysm with this profession you need to get the right recipes.

    Example: Formula: Enchant Weapon Crusader is a great recipe to have in your collection. The materials are not so cheap to craft this weapon enchantment, but the final product sells for high prices, like hot cakes.

    3. Tailoring. Beginning with WotLK, this profession has turned into grinding one, just like skinning. With the Northern Cloth Scavenging ability, available from your trainer at 325 skill, you can farm decent quantities of Frostweave Cloth or Embersilk Cloth. In fact, I really don't like to craft anything with my tailor nowadays, since the price for a stack of Frostweave goes up to 100g sometimes.

    Example: Frostweave Cloth can nicely be farmed in Onslaught Harbor, in western Icecrown.

    I'm sure these tips will work for any player. Sorry I don't have time to cover all the professions here. However, you should read the next paragraph, it's important.

    As it results from the beginning of this article, the best way for gold farming in Cataclysm is Auction House trading. So, regardless of which professions you have, or how many characters, you can always make huge profits at AH if you know what to buy and sell.

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