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    it tms a job no one else is doing

    On the subject of outfits, he's had cheap rs gold some great ones in his time, hasn't he? There's that (extremely short) white kimonotype thing which he looks absolutely gorgeous in, and the great costume he wore for the Ashes to Ashes video. And he looks rather good in dresses too, as proved by the Man Who Sold the World album cover . And lovely make up too.

    Well, I think with archaeologists, certainly with me, it's often trying to solve a mystery. I became interested in the early AngloSaxons I think because I grew up in Bath, a very very heavily Roman town, and so you always want to know "well, what happened next? Okay, we know about the Romans, but what did that turn into? How did we end up being, living in England?" And so I became very interested in the early AngloSaxons, and that's what seemed to me at the root of the mystery of how we became English. With metaldetectorists, I think that there's many different motivations.

    There's a big contradiction about archaeology, in my mind. On one hand, it represents the common person, in that most of the stuff that you dig out is made by ordinary people like my mum and dad, over thousands of years, and yet the majority of people who've been involved in it or at least who write about it have been very posh people. They've been academics; archaeology is a deeply political environment in which to be, just like all those 60s novels about universities full of backstabbing and consequently having to watch what you say all the time.

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    Johnny Depp is a man's man! A dude's dude! Johnny Depp is deeply and awesomely secure in his masculinity! So it's totally cool by us that he likes Barbies. "I do like playing with Barbies," the actor revealed. "It's a great thing to do with your kids.

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